Mac Mini: SDXC as scratch disk?

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Re: Mac Mini: SDXC as scratch disk?

vdubreeze wrote:

OTOH, I have several audio recorders that use SD cards, and for non critical stuff I always throw in whatever card I have around that is deemed unworthy of photography and never had a media speed issue.

When you see memory card speeds rated as 16x, 80x, etc., that's times the data rate of a CD-ROM spinning at CD-Audio playback speed. So I'm not surprised that most of today's memory cards are fast enough to record a few tracks of CD audio (or even 96 KHz, 24-bit audio) in real time.

Now let's say you have a memory card rated for 100x (100 x 150 KBytes per second) reads and writes; that is, it has a sustained transfer rate of 15 Mbytes per second. A hard disk may have a sustained transfer rate of 125 Mbytes per second (Wikipedia), while a SSD has sustained transfer rates of several times that.

So there's quite a bit of room between the data rates you need for a portable pro audio recorder, and the ones you need to compete with HDs and SSDs.

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