5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Alexandros Trichos wrote:

And by the way, I see the original image. No compensation is being applied by lightroom. I acknowledge the whole histogram/curve thing, but what if I want an image to be underexposed deliberately? I don't have the right? Or shall the camera punish me with noise of some kind. I don't have the right to have shadows in my images ? Again, the images are not 'pushed' or exposure compensated, at least not as far as I can see.

On a side note though the Canon DPP displays a bit different image. Less sharp and a bit less noisy than the one in lightoom. The problem still exists tough. I guess this has to do with the default sharpening? I am not sure...

As just noted by someone, LR is different from DPP, and any other RAW converter. And there's really no such thing as "no compensation is being applied by LR." Just as JPEG out of the camera depends greatly on the camera and on the settings (sharpening in particular) for that camera.

At times you're a bit argumentative - that makes people think you're just yanking our chain on a known subject/rant. If your primary style of photography involves deliberate underexposure, you probably should use a Nikon. It plays to their strength. I do know that with my III I can now take a lot of flash free indoor photography and get usable results, something I could not with my 7/30/20/5dI models.

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