5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: 5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

I've given a quick look at the raw files.

For starters, both seem to me quite underexposed. I know that you might want to do it for artistic purposes, for example, but I'm afraid that's not the way to do it with those Canon sensors. In any way, a correctly exposed image will easily be corrected in post to give you the underexposed look you might want. I'd try, as much as it is feasible, to expose right where the highlights start to blow out.

Second, I see that both these shots are at ISO 200. Is it because you used HTP on ? Then one may also wonder if the underexposed look in Lightroom is due to the software not recognising this and applying the necessary curve, but that seems weird as Lightroom does so for Canon cameras in general. I suggest trying to see if switching it off can improve your results.

Third, you may want to try using Capture One for low ISO shots. I've tried it as well with Canon files and specifically yours and it does handle the low ISO banding slightly better.

At most reasonable print sizes, I don't think this will show up. If you think that's unacceptable, then there may be other options out there, especially those using the Sony exmor sensors. You may also want to send it to Canon for a quick look, but I'm dubious of massive sample variation claims for camera sensors.

I personally wished Canon could compete better in the DR department with the latest releases from Pentax, Sony or Nikon. But one may also consider that those Canon sensors aren't exactly lagging behind in every area. In fact I believe, if I'm correct, that Canon is currently the only sensor manufacturer to produce full-frame sensors with an electronic first curtain (which allows the 5d MK III to have this very neat silent mode feature). So it's a trade-off between what you expect and what you can get.

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