5DMK3 inbound - but - My Hour Glass with Canon is Running

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Re: buy whatever camera you like best...

Jaims wrote:

... and enjoy using it and taking nice pictures.
Life is too short to spend time complaining because this and that.


NOW I'LL DRINK TO THAT BUDDY! MOST LIKELY GET BETTER PHOTOS AS A RESULT CAUSE MY MK3 DOESN'T DRINK. I hear the D800 can't stop drinking. Causes problems with the focus

Techblast wrote:

Sold my 5DMK2, have a 5DMK3 coming. I saw enough advantages in the 5DMK3's specs to make the reluctant upgrade. Going to the MK3 was not an as easy as upgrading to the 5DMK2 in 2009.

With that said, I am certainly contemplating that my next camera purchase might not be a Canon. By no means am I dedicated to a brand, but until recently, Canon to me has been an uncontested brand. Had Nikon's D800 camera quality been equal to the MK3's, there is no question, I would have fully divested of Canon.

Life is too short not to have a better camera, with more IQ, resolution and utility. However if such a camera can't focus, if Live View is crap, if mirror vibration is too big a factor, if you have issues with white balance / green cast, if you are fighting to many head scratchers, then getting a highly invested Canon system user like myself to switch, well that's not going to happen, but Nikon, you got my attention.

To me, the Nikon D800 is the best camera on paper, but has demonstrated in actual usage reports to be completely rough around the edges and problematic, and for me, I don't have time to play system engineer for Nikon. All the specs in the world are somewhat useless if a camera's utility is flawed and this is where Canon is way ahead of Nikon. Again, I am NOT bad mouthing Nikon and I am SO HAPPY they are engaging the market and trying to put a superior camera in play, and they might succeed with their next camera beyond the D800.

I have a hunch Canon has gotten the message, and their next offerings will be a step change versus just refreshing. If Canon can keep their ruggedness/quality of design and marry that with an improved higher resolution/IQ sensor, then Nikon is going to have an impossible task of getting Canon system users to switch. However, if Canon allows Nikon to improve further without a comparable offering, then I think Nikon stands a great chance to improve their core market share with people like me.

The next camera offering cycle will tell the story for the next decade to come, but only time will tell. Right now I could easily be a Nikon user, but for now I am staying with Canon, but the hour glass is running.

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