5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

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Re: 5d Mark III low iso poor performance.

You are probably underexposing. Are you shooting raw or jpg? If raw, do you have your raw converter set to automatically optimize exposure? If so, defeat that setting to see what you are actually capturing. Also, when you shoot are you checking your histogram display and using (more or less) and expose to the right approach?


Alexandros Trichos wrote:

Am I the only one to think that 5d MK3 has very poor performance in shadows, even in low isos like 100 or 200 ? High color noise, weird noise patterns, vertical bands/stripes all without any pushing!!!
Straight out of the box the images look terrible in the shadow areas.
Why is that? I am very disappointed. VERY disappointed ...
Even my poor old 350d did better in that domain...

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