why no DXO review of the OM-5 yet ?

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Re: I think DXO is overrated

Bizzarrini wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

These figures tell me how much a given sensor has improved over its predecessor. What is wrong in only buying new gear if it provides a clear improvement over your existing gear? Same as with computers, why upgrade from one processor generation to the next if it only is 10% faster? Why not wait unless you get at least a 50% improvement?

Do you also upgrade if you plan to use the same old software? I for one would keep on using the same old computer. Point being: how much improvement do you NEED for the activities you want to do, like running software of taking pictures? When is 'better' equal to 'good enough'? As long as you don't know this, the exact numbers don't really matter do they?

So far no computer has been fast enough for me. I just roughly set myself a three-year budget and then try to spend the money on upgrades or a new machine when I get the most bang for the buck. And when a new model just gives me 15% faster CPU speed, then it is simply not worth the penalty any swap comes with.

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