Disapointed with E-PM1

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It's the 14-42mm II R kit lens

asmd wrote:

These are crops of the image above to illustrate the fuzziness.

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Sorry to respond to a 2-week-old post, but I can't believe that everyone gave this guy the wrong advice.

The 14-42mm IIR lens which comes with the E-PM1 just isn't any good wide open at 42mm. Really, at all focal lenghths, this lens is a lot better when you stop it down by at least 1 1/3 f-stops which means f/5.6 at 14mm and f/9.0 at 42mm. Yes, f/9.0 is definitely the sweet spot at 42mm.

If you follow this rule, you will get sharp photos from 14-25mm, and acceptable photos at the long end.

Olympus never came out with a good sharp standard zoom in m43 like it had in the full-size 4/3, but then Olympus couldn't sell any cameras in 4/3, so I guess they decided that small inexpensive just-good-enough zooms were what people wanted.

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