Shooting in mixed lighting (Wedding in Cavern)

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Re: Gelled flash

GHwell wrote:

Have you considered them? I think it would be a lot easier to use them than the led lights on a stand. I did not think they put out that much light. With flashes and gells you could add even more colors to the cavern if you wanted.

This is the way to go. '86' the LEDs unless you plan on shooting video. Gel the speedlites to tungsten balance - many of the newer ones include this gel in the purchase price. Your base exposure will be whatever makes the background lighting look good, but try to keep your aperture fairly wide. DO NOT USE ANY 'AUTO' EXPOSURE SETTINGS - USE MANUAL. Set WB to 'Tungsten'. Add gelled strobes as desired and set as required.

The LEDs could be used to light up dark BG areas. Use colours on them.

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