Canon t4i vs Sony a65 vs Nikon d7000

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Re: Canon t4i vs Sony a65 vs Nikon d7000

RadarK wrote:

D7000 has many more lenses available for it?

I should have said specifically that the Nikon has many times as many current lenses as the Sony; but if you had read more carefully. you'd have seen I also said the Canon has for all practical purposes identical lens selection.

I'd rather have the Sony 16-80 for a general purpose lens than anything Nikon has for a DX camera right now.

I know the 16-80 VERY well as I used to shoot it on my Minolta 7d. In fact it is the last lens I ever bought for the Minolta/Sony mount. The 16-80 is nice. You should check out the Nikon 16-85 and the Nikon 17-55. Nikon's kit lens (18-105) also compares favorably with the 16-80 (slightly more distortion but much less vignetting).

And the T4i has been shipping for more than a week, and quite a few people have them.

Not too many have it. Thus far no reliable information on it. Just fans with their new toys. I suspect it will test it be a very nice camera, particularly at video. But just guessing. There is certainly no information out there which will help anyone rationally evaluate it against its peers.

The D7000 has known focus problems--I would steer clear personally and wait for the update or the successor to D5000 series or D300 series (or get a D3200). I don't trust Sony's long term commitment to DSLRs, and their continous AF is behind the times too.

The Nikon d7000 does not have known focus problems. It is just not at the same level as a Canon 7d or Nikon d300s. it competes very well pretty much everything else APS-C. The people complaining about the d7000 are comparing it to their other camera which is generally a Pro body like a d700 or d300s. While those that upgraded from a d90 or below seem to be happy as clams.

Waiting for a replacement for a new d5000 makes no sense since the d5100 is out. And even a d5200 or whatever will not match the d7000 ergonomics, controls, viewfinder, etc, etc, etc. Waiting for a replacement for the d300s might be a long wait and no amount of waiting solves anything. Since there will always be the best great thing just around the corner if you you only wait a few more months.... ultimately these changes make little immediate difference to your photography unless it is a truly revolutionary model. More importantly you can't take photos with cameras which do not exist yet. And if the OP things a discounted d7000 is a stretch then a d7200 or d400 or what have you is probably going to break the bank as well.

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