Other classic Kodaks....

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DC Alford wrote:

Sounds good! They are fantastic cameras & like they say...they ain't making them anymore.

I need to find a P880 & a P850 as I sold mine a while back to go along with my C875.


I've been loading up on this stuff ever since Kodak officially announced they were discontinuing their cameras. It's really hit or miss on ebay. I managed to get VERY lucky on all my "P" camera purchases. Most recently I got a mint condition P850 complete with the kodak lens adapter tube, box and all original accessories for $62. I managed to get 3 P880s - all in excellent to mint condition - all for less than $100 apiece - and 2 of them included a P20 flash! My best "score" though would have to be the last P880 I got. It included a P20 flash, but the best part was that the usage stats were unbelievable for a 7 year old camera. It only had 283 power cycles and 371 pictures taken!!! And it was literally like new, true mint condition! It's going into a hermetically sealed display case (like the one where they keep the US constitution) only to be used for special occasions - or if my other 2 break!

Like I said, ebay is hit or miss, but if you're patient and persistent you can probably score some good finds. I only bought from sellers with multiple years of selling history, 100% positive feedback, and only from auctions with good, detailed pictures of the actual cameras, not stock photos. I also asked a lot of questions on some before I bought. Good luck if you do go shopping on ebay.

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