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Re: Other classic Kodaks....

chiue wrote:

Cooljb wrote:

Cooljb wrote:

Correction to one of the cameras I listed, NOT Z1285, but rather the Z1085...

And I forgot at least one more - the M420. It's sad that I have so many I can't remember them all. I'll have to take inventory...

Speaking about the M420, I bought one for my daughter. The most impressive features of the M420 is the build in lens barrel distortion correction. Did you notice that. And I wonder if any of your collection have it beside the M420 of course.

I never really checked my others for the barrel distortion correction, but likely candidates would be the M580, M583, M577 and the Z1015 as they all have a 28mm wide lens. As I said though I never specifically examined the output to see if the barrel distortion was corrected on wide shots. I wouldn't be surprised if these had it as well though. I'll have to go back and examine some pics from these to see how much barrel distortion there is on the wide shots.

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