Looking for Megazoom, Small, Point and Shoot

Started Jun 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Looking for Megazoom, Small, Point and Shoot

What low light capabilities do you need? Sony has a twilight mode for static subjects that works quite well. I don't know if Canon or Panasonic have similar modes.

If your daughter is into video, look closely at the Panasonic. As to picture quality it all depends on the output. If it is a computer screen or 4X6ish prints most any cameras will be fine.

Canon generally wins dp's travel zoom shootouts and you can read the reviews of your choices or perhaps previous models of your choices.

Canon superzooms have visible CA. That bothers some. If it bothers your daughter it is easy to remove but its an added step.

Finally I recommend you include her in the shopping. It will help her understand the compromises and be a bonding time for you.


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