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How is the trial going so far?

I have also recently re-investigated RAW converters...and the associated options.

I am running trials of: Lightroom, ACDSee pro 5, Corel Aftershot Pro, Dxo Optics pro and had Silkypix on hand for a short while as well. ON my current Macbook I have Aperture 3 and Capture One Express 6. My main raw converter up to now have been Aperture 3. It was good for some time, but I feel that they are more focusing on popular features like facebook integration than something more useful (to me at least) like lens correction.

Each raw converter has its own strengths I would say, and I will transfer my capture One 6 to my next computer (Windows) for sure. Its very nice in quickly editing a RAW file. Especially landscapes.

Now I am at the stage where its between Corel Aftershot Pro, Lightroom and Dxo. Corel is really snappy, has some great features and is for me at least very well organised. I find the images from Corel similar to Lightroom in color.

Lightroom is the one that probably most people use. There are loads of lessons, presets and plugins available for it. A real bonus. I think its organisation is pretty decent compared to the others. I have one issue so far. My K-r PEF files seem to have a slight yellow-green kind of tint to them. Of course not all of them. I am trying to get rid of it in a decent way that wont cost me loads of time.

Does anyone here have similar issues? From most of the other converters I get a much better color profile natively out of the converter before I start tweaking. (On the same pictures of course.....) Its not so easy to spot, but when you open up 3 or 4 images next to each other you tend to notice the differences fast.

Otherwise, Dxo also gives great sharpness and noise control. I find that I can get pretty pleasing results out of the RAW converter. Both natural looking and more creative. Compared to the others it porbably lacks a more decent catalog option as well as the ability to have local editing with brushes. Its not the most logical layout of software (I tihnk ACDsee and Aftershot is better), but one can learn to cope.
Lens correction is second to none.

Problem is, if I take it as my RAW converter then I need a catalog system of some sorts....which add costs. Maybe even just Picasa is fine for that. I would hav eto see.

And yes...the Film pack plugin was also nice...although a bit pricey for what you get I feel. I find Topaz adjust a bit more versatile.

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