x10 vs. Nikon D40

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Re: x10 vs. Nikon D40

Kim Letkeman wrote:

le_alain wrote:

You won't be desapointed , until you stay

great IQ, good viwfinder (better than D70)

I shot the D70s for years and this comment is definitely a personal taste thing. The X10 has a tunnel OVF which I think sucks ... the D70s has a very nice OVF, as do all dSLRs.

but a longuer learning curve than a P&S, it's not one if you want the best of the camera

It is a P&S. It just has more buttons and dials and is bigger and heavier. There is no functional difference between the X10 and the F770EXR, except the F770EXR has much better reach. The IQ of the X10 is better at 800 and above as well (obviously.)

But ... what is identical between them is the presence of EXR and all that implies. The learning curve is steep because EXR has a bazillion modes, most of which are inferior in one way or another to simple PASM settings, as I document here ...


Very helpful hints in your blog! Thank you.

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