x10 vs. Nikon D40

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Re: x10 vs. Nikon D40

I too am a long time D40 owner and also a long time Fuji compact user so this is an interesting question to me.

In terms of DR, the IQ of the Fuji will be much better especially in daylight if you use 400%DR. To me this one fact alone is worth buying the Fuji for, especially for travel, because outdoors in good light, high DR makes images look so much better. This is because the skies don't blow, whilst at the same time shadow detail is better exposed, so at less than 100% the images invariably look classy, as in pro camera classy.

Offsetting that are some other factors

The Fuji orb problem has not yet been sorted out for new cameras in all countries. Don't buy an X10 with the old sensor so you may have to double check that your supplier has the new ones.

In low light at higher ISO's the Nikon will be better. The way around this with the Fuji is to shoot it with a tripod in low light and keep at low ISO settings.

Also of course, the Fuji has no interchangeable lenses but if you are a 18-55 kit lens shooter with your D40, it will be advantage Fuji.

rpaschal wrote:

I've been a happy Nikon D40 owner for several years, but I'm in the market for a smaller travel camera. In looking at the X10 samples online, the IQ seems to be equal to my D40. For those who have both, what do you think?

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