Canon EOS 7Dx and EOS 70D

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Re: Canon EOS 7Dx and EOS 70D

x-vision wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

I expect all those price points to be retained, the $1699 one by the 7DII and D600, the D7100 to remain at $1199, and the 60D at $1099.

We shall see.

The D7000 has been (much) more successful than the 60D, even though it's been consistently selling for ~$200 more than the 60D (in the US).

And in the last couple of months, the 7D has been regularly out of the Top-20 on Amazon, which I'd take as an indication that it's not selling all that well either.

So, at this time, the 60D/7D split of the former xxD series doesn't seem to be working all that well. Hence, I can't see Canon keeping their current price points and models ($1099 for the 70D and $1699 for the 7DII).

If they do, Nikon will just keep outselling them both - just as they are doing it today.
I would think that Canon has the common sense to see that.

Thus, my prediction is that Canon will be returning to the 'in-between' slotting of models vs Nikon.

I think that was the other way round. I think Nikon was slotting in between canon models. Canon was big-time #1, the planned their product line how they wanted without bothering what nikon was doing. Although that's an attitude that seems to be changing, there is a lag as their roadmap changes. You can see the 1D X as a response to the D3s and the 5DIII as an attempt to integrate the 5DII and D700 into one camera. The question therefore is how much advance notice has Canon got of Nikon's success.

That is, the 70D will occupy the slot between the D7000/D7100 and the D600. And the 7D will likely be discontinued for now - leaving the door open for a 7DII with a larger sensor in the future.

Possible, though I would expect them to call the camera 'in the slot' between the D7100 and D600 the 7DMkII - I think it has much more cachet than 70D - the 60D has made that a downmarket moniker. Then if they produce a D600 like camera, they'll need a new name for that. Could even be 7D X.

All speculation and fun, of course. We shall see.

Purely for fun. It's strange how some people get so angry about it.

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