Color calibration problems with Spyder 4

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Color calibration problems with Spyder 4

I am trying to use my recently purchased Spyder 4 Pro display calibrator, but I am encountering a problem with Adobe software and Windows Photo Viewer shifting colors while Gimp, Picasa, Firefox, and Windows explorer does not.

I applied the calibration ICC profile created by Spyder 4 Pro as the default profile for my VPCSE13FX Sony Vaio SE laptop screen in Windows Color Management. Everything looks much better, removing the yellow hue that my monitor produces, except in Adobe software, which seems to apply the calibration twice, white washing and adding a green hue to images. Below is a screenshot of an image created and embedded with a sRGB profile. You can clearly see Adobe shifting the colors strangely.

Pasting screenshots seem to compound the shifting. I tried filling the screen with 255, 0, 0, and the eye dropper tool shows it is, but when I take a screen shot and paste it back in, the eye dropper shows 255, 0, 45. When I save a red 255 image while sRGB is set to the default profile, then open it while the spyder 4 profile is default, the red will be washed out, although the eye dropper still shows it as red 255.

While the Spyder 4 profile is the default profile in Windows Color Management, sRGB embedded images will appear correct if I assign them the Spyder 4 profile or if I change monitor proof to the Spyder 4 profile.

Oddly, this does not happen if I use the display calibration tool with Windows Color Management. If I apply the calibrated profile created by Windows, Adobe will display colors the same as in all other software. But I want to use my Spyder 4 calibration, and not the Window display calibration.

I could only find 2 workarounds to apply my Spyder 4 profile.

1) In Color Management, I set Spyder 4 as default profile. In the Advanced> change system default> Advanced tab, I enable and then disable "Use Windows display calibration". Then I set sRGB as the default profile.

2) I use the Spyder 4 profile chooser utility, select my Spyder 4 profile. Then in Color Management I make sure "Use Windows display calibration" is disabled and then set sRGB as the default profile.

In these 2 options Spyder 4 is somehow retained as the default profile but Adobe is tricked into thinking sRGB is the default profile. However, I have to do this every time I start my computer. Also, if I use ALT-CTRL-DEL to get into task manager, sRGB takes over and I lose the Spyder 4 profile. I have to then go back and set the profiles again. It's inconvenient, and I have no idea when the profile gets reverted, so I have to keep constantly checking by switching back and forth between the Spyder 4 and sRGB profile to make sure my screen is still displaying the Spyder4 profile and Adobe is still tricked into thinking sRGB is the default profile.

I have tried disabling ATI Catylist Control Center, Intel Graphics controllers, and Sony Vaio Control Center through msconfig, but the same problem persists. I have also tried switching between the Radeon HD 6470M and the Intel 3000 and both have the same issue. I am using the latest graphics drivers from Sony.

Here are my color profiles.
12-06-20.3 is ICC version 2. 12-06-20.4 is ICC version 4.

Why is it that the windows generated calibration doesn't have the same issue as the spyder 4 calibration? They're both ICC profiles. Though, opening them up in notepad, the text looks completely different from each other.

I keep reading posts where other people are having the same issue but no one has posted a useful answer except that the OP should go back and review the basics of color management. I don't think that's the issue here. I feel that there is some kind of conflict between the spyder generated profile, adobe, and windows.

I've spent the last 40 hours sitting here trying to work this out and it's making me crazy. I hope someone here has a better explanation. Thanks

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