STOLEN: Camera ID and Exif Data

Started Jun 18, 2012 | For sale thread
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Re: STOLEN: Camera ID and Exif Data

Richie Beans wrote:

In looking through a popular on-line auction site, I asked a seller for the exif data on a camera that was being sold (camera, lens, and strap). I thought it was curious that there was no bag, software, or charger included. Suspecting that this may have been a stolen camera, I asked for the exif data so that it could be checked on an on-line stolen camera database.

The seller replied that he/she did not know how to check or look for exif data. This from a seller that has sold hundreds of digital cameras and electronic products. Anyone here think this a little suspicious?

I've had a camera stolen before and know firsthand how crappy it is to have (a family vacation, in this case) nearly ruined because of this.

Could be a pawn shop or similar type outfit. They don't know much about cameras, but I have seen some that sell a lot of them in their stores or on ebay. I personally haven't bought from any of them and probably wouldn't.

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