dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

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Re: dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

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Yesterday I accidentally touch the rear optics of my 85mm 1.2L, first I tried to wipe it using pecpad lens tissue with distilled water but still it smudges, second I tried isoprophyl alcohol but still I can see marks then lastly I tried water with a little of dishwashing liquid soap and viola no more marks, crystal clear! Is it safe to use dishwashing liquid soap in cleaning lenses?

I would never use dishwasher detergent on lenses. Here are some of my reasons:

  • We do not know what exactly is in them

  • Dishwasher liquids are alkaline, therefore chemically reactive

  • Dishwasher liquids contain dissolved solid chemicals (phosphates?, chelates?, wetting agents?, anti-foaming agents?) and can leave residue on the lens

I breathe on the lens and wipe with a microfiber or cotton cloth. If that does not help, I use Eclipse sensor cleaning fluid (alcohol with no residue) and sensor cleaning pads.

Oops! I did not read the initial post properly. I was talking about dishwasher detergent, not dishwashing detergent. I would not use dishwashing detergents either, but I am sure they are much milder on the lens.

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