Sony A65 with Quantaray 70-300mm Photos

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Re: Sony A65 with Quantaray 70-300mm...Tamron & Sigma photos

lutz wrote:

depends how old yours is. The tamron-quantarray version looks very much like the original tamron - the rubber parts are sporting a kind of Q (not sure what this means) - just compare them topics of these originals. What is the exact name of the model?

  • If it looks like this, it was the Tamron:


  • If it looks similar to this, it is the older Sigma version:

I used to work for Ritz back in the day when both versions were being sold by Ritz/Wolf.

I think that the Tamron was the better lens of the two.

I have the actual Tamron 70-300 DiLD, which is the lens model above the Quateray version, and it is awesome!

Just took this last week with it:

And this one just a couple of weeks ago with the same camera/lens combo:

  • Both taken with Pentax *ist DS w/Tamron 70-300 DiLD, JPEG's straight out of camera

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