X10 or RX100 and why?

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Re: X10 or RX100 and why?

I was initially enamored by the RX-100 announcement as well, especially since I had owned (and loved) a Canon S95, with similar handling, prior to getting my X10. But here is why I will be keeping my X10:

  • the fast lens & larger sensor on the Sony was appealing at first but the dpreview preview revealed that the equiv DOF control on the RX-100 is really only realized at the wide end...on tele, the X10 is actually better. What I lose at the wide end, I gain in macro capability of the X10

  • having said that, the Fuji lens is still 'faster' for exposure, meaning the larger sensor of the Sony is negated by the higher ISO required (about 2 stops) which IMO negates the sensor advantage in low lighting, mid-tele end

  • the X10 is my first Fuji (Canon & Panny prior) and I've got to say that they really do know how to implement superb Fuji colors and have a great jpeg engine. Sony's colors are very good but not quite the same

  • the sheer number of hard buttons for quick access on the X10 is better than any other p&s and most entry/mid DSLR & CSC's. Plus since the firmware update, previous quirks are all but mitigated. I now run my camera in A, C1 (DR EXR), C2 (SN EXR), each individually customized to my liking. Now I'll give it to Sony for the 7-function programmable Fn button. Wish Fuji could add that in a firmware update...just need it to toggle 2 functions (for the Fn & Raw buttons) and my personal configurations would be perfect!

  • more along the lines of tactile/physical layout, have you tried the manual zoom lens/power operation? It is truly a pleasure to use tho don't zoom in/out too rapidly as that apparently sucks dust into the lens (knowing that now, I will avoid once my replacement comes in)

  • just like the Canon S95, the Sony is going to be much smaller that the X10...but in retrospect, my old canon was too small for my liking....I put a leather case and strap on it anyway, bringing the size up. while still pocketable, i would often use my iPhone 4S as my pocket camera which takes great "quick" pics. Once I realized that my travel camera didn't need to be minuscule, the size of the Fuji was negligible...plus with my Gariz case and thumb strap, it slides in and out of my Crumpler case with ease and the whole outfit is still very portable and more convenient than my DSLR or 35mm film gear, plus I can store my spare batteries, flash, cable release, gorilla pod and cleaning supplies! My man-purse

  • and lastly, based on the early positive reports on the sensor replacement, the X10 is about the most well rounded p&s out there...until Oly or Panny come out with a M43 with 1.8-2.8 lens...if that happens then forget about it, tho I'd still keep the X10 for my fiancĂ©e

Please note these are just my personal observations & opinions based on my photography needs. Love it or hate it, we all can appreciate that we enjoy photography in our lives to whatever fulfillment it offers us. Get your camera and take some pics!

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