is the 5dm III is a semi pro cam

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You need Canon to tell you what it is?

I don't own a 5DMIII, but as a professional photographer it would do exactly the type of work I do. Therefore you can call it a pro camera. Now on the flip side, many years ago I bought a D2h (Nikon calls a pro body) which didn't meet my expectations (an huge understatement). Not a pro camera to me, great boat anchor though. I think a lot of professional photographers are seeing the D800 and 5DMIII as their new pro cameras. Given the high level of performance from these two bodies, it's getting pretty hard the sell the high ticket 1D and D4 series. I look at buying a camera as strictly a business decision, not an emotional one. In the past I've always purchased Nikon's top of the line pro bodies, not anymore. Could be the real market for the "pro" bodies like the 1D and D4's will be the well healed amateurs.... Does that now make them amateur cameras? Labels are silly : )

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