Yosemite with a 7D?

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I just got back from Yosemite and......

I started in Lake Tahoe and then went down to the Eastern side of Yosemite and then into the Yosemite Valley. (The valley has the best places to shoot and it's relatively compact.) You can assume that 98% of my photos were landscapes--- either somewhat close but mostly the subject was at a distance. All were made with a 7D. Quite a few of the shots were exposure bracketed, but I don't think that will make any real difference. My primarily lenses were 10-22, 17-55 and 70-200 and some with 100-400 and some with Tamron 18-270. The 17-55 is my goto lens. Using a free program named exposure Plot, here's the results:

10- 16mm- 94 shots
17- 23mm- 702 shots
24- 105mm- 608 shots
105mm + - 57 shots

I broke this down so you can see how effective your 24-105 would be. The majority of the 17-23 shots were at 17mm because the 17-55 was wide open.

As gdan mentioned, Tioga road (Hwy 120) and Glacier Point Rd may well be closed, but the main shots from Glacier Point Rd that I got were of Vernal and Nevada Falls. The falls in the Valley will more than likely be dry or a trickle unless there is rain before you get there. I was in the Valley a few years ago in early November and the only fall with water was Bridalveil and there wasn't much.

My finding was that:

1. In June, if the subject is at a distance and there is not sun on the subject, the result is a "hazy" looking subject, so be aware of that.

2. I wouldn't bother taking a lens longer than 200mm because of the haze and if you see any wildlife, it will probably be deer and not very far from you.

3. I'd strongly suggest getting the Canon 10-22mm lens--- not only for the trip, but for other occasions.

I'd suggest buying a book by Lewis Kemper called "Photographing Yosemite". He is a well-known US photographer and his book has many photos and he tells you where to go and when for the best shots.

Have fun.


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