Two issues on current Olympus µFT lens offerings

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Two issues on current Olympus µFT lens offerings

(1) General complaint : I really can't understand and frankly think it is hardly acceptable that lens hoods are not provided with the µFT lenses.

Selling quality lenses without a lens hood and then charging really quite a lot of money for the lens hoods seems to me like a scam to artificially create an impression of low pricing on the lenses themselves.

(2) Relevant for some lenses : I frankly don't understand the Olympus thought process on choices made for weathersealing and for available colours .

Many of the zooms are available in different colour schemes , offering the buyer a choice of what he prefers with his choice of camera body. The nice past primes, however, seem to be available only in silver. That is fine if you pick a silver camera body, but it looks not so great on a black body. And I would think that the main target audience for those primes are the enthusiasts, many of which will probably get a black body, because it matches their already existing lens collection better.

Same with weathersealing : the fast primes should really be weathersealed, in order to be attractive to the target audience that has waited for the first weathersealed camera body.

Are these details? Yes probably. But they still influence my decision making.

If it weren't for these issues, I would without a shadow of a doubt get a 45mm F1.8 in black, to go with my (future) E-M5 for smallest possible fast combination.

Currently, I will probably still buy it, but I will regret that it is not weathersealed and not in black. And I will grudgingly consider buying a lens hood.

Same for the future 75mmF1.8 and the 12mmF2 : these would look much more attractive to me without those issues, up to the point where I will only consider getting them if I find that I have no alternatives in my current set-up.

As an aside, Voigtlander gets much of it right with their Noktons :

  • black, which looks good on any body

  • lenshood and dual lens caps provided

  • well, OK, not weathersealed but that is slightly less urgent for a non-electronic lens.

Those Noktons (or one of them) will be on my radar after I have tested my current (big FT version of the) Panaleica 25mm F1.4 (and after I have saved some new cash...)

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