Hx20v maybe a lens problem pictures help please!!!

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Re: Hx20v maybe a lens problem pictures help please!!!

edu T wrote:

Ana Luísa Duarte wrote:

edu T wrote:

Dutchpepper wrote:


In that photo I am the other side of the table (1metro) and i think there is no zoom. I strange because with w300 i can´t remember to take a picture like these and i took a lot, maybe 10.000 photos . . .

Hi Ana, your w300 wasn't as wide as the hx20v so you wouldn't see this . . .

You nailed it right on the head! The W300 lens is a 35 mm equiv at its widest angle whereas the HX20 is 25 mm. That's a BIG difference in angle of view.

Ana, I believe that when you started using your new camera at its widest angle you instinctively moved one step ahead to get the same framing you were used to, giving rise to this kind of distortion -- which is normal and often conveys an interesting, "inclusive" effect, but is usually a problem with faces near the sides (as we saw).

So I suggest you do a pretty simple experiment: set your HX20 zoom to "1.4x" (or the nearest factor) and see whether you get the same familiar (habitual) framing from the same standing point.


I will try it, but is supposed to do it all the time, or only when i get people on the sides?

It will do it all the time you have the HX20 lens at widest (not zooming in). It's normal and an effect you can explore. It just happens that it's usually unflattering to people more to the sides...

[Assim será sempre que estiverdes com a lente da Hx20 mais aberta (sem usar zoom). É normal e um efeito que podeis explorar. Só que não costuma pegar bem com os gajos que ficam mais para os lados...]

You have notice this problem in some of your pictures?

Of course I do, but it's not really a problem... except in the case above!
[Sim, claro, mas não é bem problema... a não ser no caso acima!]

Can you test it for me, please... only if it doesn´t get much work...only to confirm if streched is not so much exagerated in mine.

A pleasure... but I think you can grab the concept better if you try doing that with the camera and the settings (locations) you're acquainted with. I can assure you that the "stretching" on dsc00319 is clearly what can be expected from a 24 mm wide-angle lens (instead of the W300 35mm), no more.

[Com prazer... mas acho que podeis captar melhor a idéia se tentardes com a câmera e os ambientes que já conheceis. Garanto que a "esticadura" em dsc00319 é nitidamente o que se pode esperar de uma grande-angular de 24 mm (em vez dos 35 da W300), nada mais.]

hi edu and craig,
thanks a lot.

today i will try give a 1,4x zoom and see if this scretched efect doens´t happen.
thank you for your good translation edu.

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