dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

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Re: dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

MirekE wrote:

EOS_GUY wrote:

Yesterday I accidentally touch the rear optics of my 85mm 1.2L, first I tried to wipe it using pecpad lens tissue with distilled water but still it smudges, second I tried isoprophyl alcohol but still I can see marks then lastly I tried water with a little of dishwashing liquid soap and viola no more marks, crystal clear! Is it safe to use dishwashing liquid soap in cleaning lenses?

I would never use dishwasher detergent on lenses. Here are some of my reasons:

  • We do not know what exactly is in them

  • Dishwasher liquids are alkaline, therefore chemically reactive

  • Dishwasher liquids contain dissolved solid chemicals (phosphates?, chelates?, wetting agents?, anti-foaming agents?) and can leave residue on the lens

In principle I agree with you, but seeing how well it works on my eye-glass on a regular basis without any ill effect, the occasional use on filters seems to work fine.
And ingredients are listed usually, e.g. here is one list:

I breathe on the lens and wipe with a microfiber or cotton cloth. If that does not help, I use Eclipse sensor cleaning fluid (alcohol with no residue) and sensor cleaning pads.

First blowing with a blower, then breathing is my normal routine as well, with a clean cotton cloth (clean is the key, exchange frequently, any dust grain in the cloth whether microfiber or not, will just scratch) to clean. If there is a tiny spec, I use lens cleaning liquid, but I find it a pain, it leaves residue even if it's not supposed to, you have to do lots of follow up cleaning. Perhaps it's not the lens cleaning liquid itself that leaves the residue, but the grease that simply gets spread out to a thin layer by the alcohol in the lens cleaning liquid.

I had a horrible filter what was all greased up (from travel, just poorly cleaned with sweaty cloth), tried the usual (as above), with virtually no progress. Then just put it under water with liquid detergent and it was spick and spam in no time.

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