200mm not enough? please help!

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Hi rob


I wish I could get a track pass. Got wsbk at silverstone in August but no chance. Also the F1 next month.

I'm gona try panning next time.
Your right 200mm at that distance is no good.
Was thinking of a 550d with 300mm but that would mean selling my m43.

Rob MacLennan wrote:
Several issues here.

Focus speed: Your camera, while fast for u4/3, will have trouble tracking fast moving GP or Superbikes. That's a fact of life. I started shooting motorcycle racing with an Oly C750uz bridge camera. How? Chose my framing, pre-focused on an area of the track, then panned with my chosen subject until it hit the focus point. Bang. Play to the strengths of your camera, not its weaknesses. Panning would be a good choice and is a skill well worth acquiring.

Focal length: Shooting from that location you would need 400-500mm, for a good tight framing. Not ideal. Instead of choosing the focal length to suit your location, try choosing your location to suit what lenses you have available. I get a track pass, so I could be shooting with a 50mm if I wanted to. You have to be a bit more circumspect, in choice of location.

(taken at 200mm, no cropping, Oly e-5, hand-held)

There's nothing about that picture, that I couldn't have done with my E-M5. In fact I'll be giving it a try this coming weekend.

chalky46 wrote:

hi i have been at silverstone circuit for 3 days and this is the besst out of 500 photos!


No tripod or monopod, weather bad black and grey clouds.

do i need to go back to DSLR?

not happy with results.

i have also a panasonic FZ150 and that did just as good as my GX1.

canon 550d or 600d maybe on the cards!!!!

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