I dearly missed my F*300/4.5 lens.

Started Jun 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
skeys Veteran Member • Posts: 3,191
Re: I dearly missed my F*300/4.5 lens...OUCH!!

When I saw that thread title with your name, I felt really badly. Fortunately, the outcome, per your first post, was a happy one.

I can handhold the F*300 and the SR can compensate for shake. Not so with the DA*300.
This was my very second test photo handholding the F*300:

On edit: Now that I look at this photo again, I remember increasing the ISO to make sure the photo was captured at a high shutter speed. Perhaps I could do just about as well with the DA*300, but I much prefer the lighter weight of the F*300.

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