Dilemma with Samyang 24mm

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Replacement lens arrived today!

I just got the replacement Samyang 24mm. Wow, what a difference! I've only briefly tested this lens, but so far, it's the best lens I've ever used wide open. Gone is virtually any trace of a veil, and this lens seems (to me) sharper wide open than most of my zooms stopped down. A quick check showed no decentering, all 4 corners are equally sharp, and resolve fine text well, even wide open.

If the Nikon 24mm is better by a significant margin, I can't imagine how amazingly good it must be!

The only "disappointment" is the fact the aperture is still 1/3rd of a stop off (the aperture doesn't start to close until F/1.6). Like my last copy, I need to dial in 1/3rd a stop smaller than I really wany (and adjust exposure by -1/3EV). Oh well. Can't have everything with a budget lens.

Anyway, here's the old lens wide open:

And the new:

Some random photos:

Definitely hit "Original" to see this 1:1. The leaves are rather sharp for wide open (remember, F/1.6 still has no aperture blades, so it's really F/1.4). Notice the violet flare on the sun-lit sign, a typical problem with very fast glass wide open.

Some close-up photos:

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