x10 vs. Nikon D40

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Re: x10 vs. Nikon D40

I have both the X10 and D40, and I still use both of them. Overall, at any given exposure the image quality of the D40 is slightly better.

BUT... the lens on the X10 is faster than any zoom I have for the D40. Thus for lower light levels it can use a lower ISO and I find the pictures are better than the D40's. The D40 with the 35mm/1.8 is better, but it's not a zoom. If there is plenty of light then the D40 is better. A D40 with a bounce flash also wins, but I haven't tried a bounce flash on the X10.

The focusing on the D40 isn't as flexible (only 3 points), but it is fast. The X10 is pretty quick too but not quite as fast. The X10 does have face detection and when it works it makes the focusing pretty easy and it also adjusts the exposure so the face comes out correctly. The face detection has problems when people are wearing sunglasses. It also loses faces sometimes, but it's gotten a lot better since the last firmware update.

So what do I mostly use? The X10. It's pictures are almost as good as the D40 and it's just so much smaller and easier to carry.

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