5d-III in-camera HDR

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Re: 5d-III in-camera HDR - How Does it Work?

AC1 wrote:

Not sure about the mirror but yes it seems to take 3 quick fire shots when you press the shutter, like when on continuous burst.

Will try live view and see if it helps any mirro issue.

Techblast wrote:

I have a 5DMK2 and have set up HDR using C1 - Outdoors, C2& 3 indoors. I also do HDR with my 7D and then use Photomatix.

What I would like to know concerning the 5DMK3 in camera HDR is:

When taking an HDR photo are 3 individual photos taken in succession using motor drive just like with the 5DMK2?

Does the mirror return after the first shot or stay up for the remaining 2 shots?

If the mirror is having to return for the next photo(s) have you tried using live view to help reduce internal vibrations?

Sounds like the only advantage here is that a FINAL file can be produced in camera, but besides this you don't have to dedicate a C function to HDR.

If wish I could test this out at a camera store, but thanks for any feedback.

I know with my 7D, I can go live view, where it flips the mirror up, and displays on the back screen and then snaps all 3 photos as long as you keep the shutter depressed (also makes less noise). Mirror will continue to stay up and camera will continue to stay in live view until live view is cancelled or times its self out. I think the time out is to protect the sensor electornics from overheating. I do all my real estate HDR photos handheld, but with the 7D, the shutter is fast and so hand held is not a big problem.

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