Is Canon full-frame lagging?

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Re: Is Canon full-frame lagging?

Sal Baker wrote:

Thanks for the link. I had no idea that the 5DIII was finally ahead in sales over the D800, at least in the Amazon rankings. Last time I checked the D800 was ahead by a mile. Must be the questionable AF manufacturing QC in the Nikon that's starting to scare a few people.


Boy, you seem to be really daft. As other have explained in their posts, the reason you don't see D800 there is because it was not available and one could not order it on Amazon as they had ceased any further orders. You could order and obtain a MKIII.

Interestingly you seem to go to the Nikon forums every now and then to make some friends I guess. Pathetic troll. BTW you Pinterest gallery says a lot about you.

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