x10 vs. Nikon D40

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Re: x10 vs. Nikon D40

rpaschal wrote:

I've been a happy Nikon D40 owner for several years, but I'm in the market for a smaller travel camera. In looking at the X10 samples online, the IQ seems to be equal to my D40. For those who have both, what do you think?

My understanding is that the X10 had good IQ for it's smaller sensor. Whether or not it will satisfy you is hard to say. But if you are happy with the web sized images that you are seeing online, then possibly the X10 will do the trick for you.

If you want fixed lens with a step up in IQ, then possibly look into the Sony RX100 (which will have a 1" sensor and great IQ and RAW capability), or the Canon GX1.

The Nikon N1 cameras have interchangeable lenses, so they might not be your cup of tea, but they also have 1" sensors, great IQ and RAW capability. The J1 + 10-30 lens would be fairly compact (the 10mm prime even more so). Oh, and if you wanted to, you could get the FT1 adaptor and use your Nikon F mount lenses for long reach with excellent IQ (for example, the 300mm converts into a 810mm equivalent focal length).



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