I was about to buy a 60d...

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Re: I was about to buy a 60d...

Stone316 wrote:

I have a Rebel Xsi and was about to buy a Canon 60d earlier this week until I heard of the impending T4i release.


So with the t4i release it has muddied the waters quite a bit. Right now I have 3 scenarios in mind:

1. Buy the T4i with 18-135 - 1199
2. Buy the 60d with 18-200 - 1299
3. Buy a 18-200 lens and wait for the 70d.

I'm really tempted to go with option 3, but i'm afraid the 70d when released will be out of my price range. 1299 for the 60d right now is at its limit, so its pretty likely.

I'm really tempted to go with option 1 but I was really looking forward to that 18-200 lens.

I am going to a wedding the first week of July and was hoping to have a new camera for it. I'm not sure if the T4i will be available by then.


Any thoughts?

Lotsa thoughts .. I've basically killed my Nikon D70s and am looking at a new DSLR I started out very excited at the OM-D, but have since curbed enthusiasm and have given the 650D(T4i) and 60D a look.

First thoughts .. solid advice applies to astronomy and photography, your eyepieces and lenses are what you accumulate, the Optical Tubes and Camera Bodies come and go. Buy the best glass you can afford for your needs. Know your needs before you chose trade-off between focal length vs speed.

The 650D has, on paper, a lot of good features. The 60D has a few which I like over the 650D, but am tempered by what will be tacked onto the 70D. 70D will likely come in at the present 60D price and the 60D will drop, so if you don't really need the 70D waiting for it to bump down the price of a 60D is probably a good plan.

As for the 650D I'm reading good bits of review here and there which aren't exposing any serious flaws, yet. So Canon may have done a good Q/A job on it before release. Probably be a firmware upgrade in a month or two, invariably for some feature you don't use (or didn't know about,) but it looks a safe leap onto the leading edge.

Not certain I'll do much video, but it'll be there and the STM lens is an attractive option. How it affects battery life is an unanswered question, but anything doing continuous work will have continuous current draw.

Generally I like a walkabout lens which can cover a lot of ground and handle the macro end a bit, too. Usually these aren't going to be your best glass, but what you use (and expose to elements) most often - if you don't have a photography derived income to offset cleaning and repair, best not to sink too much money into one (unless you really want to.)

I have accumulated tens of thousands of photos, using a variety of cameras (can I get a shout for the trekker who goes out with three or more cameras?) on my travels and occasional contract work. Subjects vary from panoramas to macro shots of subjects the size of a dew drop. I figure I'll first be getting the 650D, bundled with the 18-135 STM lens, then see how things go.
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