B&H was the worst place to order from!

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Re: B&H was the worst place to order from!

COBill wrote:

Geez, sometimes I can't believe these threads continue (and that there aren't just as many people bashing Adorama, given they have (theoretically) just as many people on backorder and they too will not tell you where on the list you are.

Correct. But Helen Oster isn't here deflecting blame onto Nikon, or attempting to spin damage control which contradicts customer's experiences. Neither were they unlucky enough to be caught in Greta-gate.

99% of the time B&H is absolutely wonderful.

Correct. However it seems to me Henry has turned a simple mistake into a PR disaster. Mostly by way of his defensive posturing.

They're doing that.

Incorrect. It's unknown. Empirical evidence strongly suggests they are.

Aside from not being willing to tell you where in line, what did they do wrong?

This has already been published, and i'm confident almost everyone here agrees, ad nauseum . Some people have a specific reason, others have multiple reasons.

How are you harmed? You haven't been charged, and if you need the camera, it's not horrifically difficult to get your hand on one these days.

Again, this has been explained. Please perform a search. It's not my goal to pound B&H's reputation into the ground, only to correct statements I believe are incorrect.

I don't see the need to bash B&H and Henry here, and no I'm not a troll, just a reasonably satisfied customer for the past few decades who, when the length of the preorder list became apparent, simply obtained one from the Nikon Store online, but could have purchased from one of several local stores that promised delivery within two to three weeks.

I have no reason to suspect you are a troll either, and thank you for presenting your comments in a polite and reasonable manner.

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