Going back to D700 (from 800E). Shall I?!

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Re: May I ask...

boinkphoto wrote:

My system is underpowered. We'll see if I have the same complaint once I am able to upgrade.

From what I've read quite a few others are suffering similarly.

Hopefully, like you this will become a non-issue...

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Yes, that's the real issue. 36 mp file sizes are gigantic, and today's typical processors get overwhelmed and slow. I'm getting PSD files of easliy 800 mb, and just as easily 1+ gb. Whew! We'll need multi TB drives -- real quick.

But so what? The tech future only goes forward, not back. Already the D600 is 24 mp, Canon's DSLR's are going over 20 mp, and soon compacts will be in that range. That's because the pictures are soooooo much better. There is no comparison, not a meaningful one, of D800 images vs a D3 or D700. It's a whole new ball game. I want to play.

I thought about selling the D800 and getting a D4 so my computer will handle the files, but I realized that's a dumb way to think. It would be much better to spend my money on bringing my computer up to speed, so I can reap the benefits of this revolutionary, brilliant new camera. And that's what I'm going to do. ll let you all know which high-powered SSD rig I get and how well it works.

As others here have said, there are phases to a new level of tech gear. First there's desire, then there's the thrill of new gear, then there's the shock that it's quite different from the familiar old gear, then there's doubt and angst over the purchase, and finally there's acceptance and success. You have to treat this little lady with tenderness, and you'll be rewarded handsomely. Those of you lucky enough to own a D800/E need a bit of patience, and then you'll love it and never look back.

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