dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

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Re: dishwashing liquid soap safe for cleaning optics?

paulbysea wrote:

I stick all my lenses through the dishwasher regularly, on the hot wash. This way I can be sure to kill the fungi and spores which cause mould. It also gets rid of those pesky invisible bacteria that cause bacterial infections in us humans and other critters. As for the virulent viruses, that are also invisible, well they are done for so I will not be catching a viral infection from the cold sufferer that sneezed over my photo gear.

If when they come out of the dishwasher they are still signs of dampness I just throw them in the tumble dryer wrapped in socks.

I tried that with my camera. It works. No more fungus or grease. To get all the moisture out, I put it in the microwave on high for 30 minutes afterwards.

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