Speak English everyone can understand please.

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English, illustrated

PAUL TILL wrote:

Fotonut wrote:

Please remember that this is a International Forum. Please post as such.

Do not use abbreviations, or local Sms/text speak, cause there are a lot of folks that have no idea bleeding idea what you're talking about.

Bif shots????

I thought everyone into photography knew what a BIF was, until I met you.

Sheesh. He's been here how many years and he still doesn't know Bug In Flight? Amazing. Simply amazing. (or should that be that Bug In Fested?)



"We hitched a lift," said Ford.

"Excuse me?" said Arthur. "Are you trying to tell me that we just stuck out our thumbs and some green bug-eyed monster stuck his head out and said, 'Hi fellas, hop right in. I can take you as far as the Basingstoke roundabout'?"

"Well," said Ford, "the Thumb's an electronic sub-etha signalling device, the roundabout's at Barnard's Star six light years away, but otherwise, that's more or less right."
"And the bug-eyed monster?"
"Is green, yes."



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