5d-III in-camera HDR

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Re: 5d-III in-camera HDR - How Does it Work?

I have a 5DMK2 and have set up HDR using C1 - Outdoors, C2& 3 indoors. I also do HDR with my 7D and then use Photomatix.

What I would like to know concerning the 5DMK3 in camera HDR is:

When taking an HDR photo are 3 individual photos taken in succession using motor drive just like with the 5DMK2?

Does the mirror return after the first shot or stay up for the remaining 2 shots?

If the mirror is having to return for the next photo(s) have you tried using live view to help reduce internal vibrations?

Sounds like the only advantage here is that a FINAL file can be produced in camera, but besides this you don't have to dedicate a C function to HDR.

If wish I could test this out at a camera store, but thanks for any feedback.

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