Speak English everyone can understand please.

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Returns where he left off . . .

Danielepaolo wrote:

Lloydy wrote:

... Good points.

. . .

And the Queen's English in itself is not a corrupt language? You are joking at this point. Surely?

Also, the great majority us who are not brought up in an SMS oriented culture, may well desire that English be presented as it should be. Not as an abbreviated 'junk' language. Abbreviations may well be 'cute' but are not a reality of true language.

It is a way to communicate so it is a real language.

Those who are too lazy to communicate in a reasonable manner

Such as Fotonut

with those who may well struggle with anything, other than a text book English, taught in many institutions globally. And, mostly, not taught well at all.

Constantly, I meet people here who profess to speak English well. In reality, this often boils down to a conversation as follows :

Me : How are you ?

They : I am fine thank you, and you ?

Me : (And, when I answer very tongue in cheek) - I am fine thank you, and you ?

Then any semblance of anything that may be remotely called 'conversation' dissipates. Dialogue beyond the 'rote' cannot be comprehended.

And you expect the forum to communicate at this level because people can not speak English. What is your point? A person speaking in an eloquent manner would be impossible to comprehend. Technical jargon is also used all over this forum. Should those who speak eloquently or use lots of jargon limit themselves to "how are you?"

There was no point, other than to try to find a way to continue his perpetual attacks against his sworn "enemies", this time at least not including swipes at the moderators.

Bad on those who ridicule a simple request to try and improve dialogue in the Fuji 'kindergarten'.

Bad on you for being the biggest baby in the kindergarden (Note: Kindergarten is German, we are trying to have conversation in English).

Same old misfits.

Seems you are also a square peg trying to fit in a round hole.

As dotbalm noted, "Same old hypocrite". It's none other than the same old Lloydy that rarely omitted writing "LOL" after many of his numerous insults, many of which he tried to slip past us by writing them in Thai. In one reply written way back when he was one of the S100fs's PF deniers, he insulted the Thai people by saying that they were an unsophisticated, childlike, simple people, which I imagine meant that he was able to manipulate and take advantage of them when it suited his purposes.

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