Which D300(s) replacement?

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Which D300(s) replacement?

I have created a deal of resentment in some quarters because I do not believe that if Nikon releases the D600 in the $1500-$2000 price range, there is room for a profitable 'D400' in the same price range. Simply, I don't think it will sell in big enough quantity and with enough margin to be a good business prospect for Nikon.

Anyway, that debate rages elsewhere. For the purposes of this thread, let's assume I'm right, and ask D300 owners which of these possible D300(s) not-quite-replacements they would be tempted by. My own belief is that these are all models which might make business sense.

i) D600, as rumoured. D7000 spec with 24MP FX sensor, 5FPS, $1800.

ii) D800D version 1. D800 body (exactly) fitted with 16MP DX sensor from D7000, VF magnification increased to give full size image, 10 FPS, $2500.

iii) D800D version 2. As D800D v1, but 24MP DX sensor from D3200, 7 FPS, $2500

iv) D800H. D800 body, D4 sensor, 8FPS, $3000.

v) D9000 version 1. D7000 including present sensor, mag alloy baseplate, D4 AF, 9 FPS, $1400.

vi) D9000 version 2. As version 1 with 24MP sensor from D3200, 7 FPS, $1400.

vii) D7100 version 1. the same as D9000 version 1, but called D7100 and $1200.

viii) D7100 version 2. The same as D9000 version 2, but called D7100 and $1200.

ix) Canon 7DII version 1. As Canon 5D MkIII with 18MP Canon APS-C sensor, 7 FPS, $1800

x) Canon 7DII version 2. As version 1, but with 16MP APS-H sensor from 1DIV, 8 FPS, $1900

So, that's the choice, D300(s) owners. Which would get your money?

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