200mm not enough? please help!

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Re: 200mm not enough? please help!

rossi to honda joesiv for 2013!!

i think you maybe right, i need to get closer and maybe invest in a monopod.
cheers for your comments

Joesiv wrote:

chalky46 wrote:

hi i have been at silverstone circuit for 3 days and this is the besst out of 500 photos!


No tripod or monopod, weather bad black and grey clouds.

do i need to go back to DSLR?

not happy with results.

Nice photo! Too bad Rossi is suffering in the championship so much this year!

Not sure what you're going on about though... You need to get closer, or get a longer lens.

200mm isn't the longest lens' in the native m43 arena, you speak about changing systems, why buy another body + lens (likely 300mm+ as well), when you could just buy a 300mm lens' for the format that you currently have? pick up the 100-300mm and be done with it

I'd like to see the photos that were worst than this, to see if we could help you get better results. if it was AF, for this type of shot, especially at this distance, pre-focusing on the track edge, would have gotten you a much higher keeper rate. Stopping down some would help with contrast (at this distance you're not going to get shallow DoF anyways)

You could pick up a manual focus 300mm legacy lens' and pre-focus shoot at f/5.6 and get pretty fantastic results if you can't get closer.
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