Other classic Kodaks....

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Re: Other classic Kodaks....

I have also been buying up old - and new - kodaks. I recently got my 3rd P880 off of ebay, and a second P850 - as backup to the one I already have - neither was very expensive and both were in surprisingly good condition. I also bought one P20 flash outright, and 2 others that came with 2 of the P880s I purchased. In addition I have bought a couple of the Kodak brand Xenar tcon and wcon lenses to go with my "P" series cameras - again very reasonably priced (I paid $8 for one of the tcons in mint condition!). I have also recently bought the M583 as well as the M577 on really good sales. There are definitely deals to be had on both old and current kodak models. I'm running out of room to store them all. But hopefully they will be collector's items someday... If not I could always open my own Kodak museum!

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