Question for eyeglass wearers using NEX-7 (About the EVF)

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Re: Question for eyeglass wearers using NEX-7 (About the EVF)

I noticed this with my Nex7 last week while on holidays in Spain. The viewfinder doesn't cut out with my regular glasses, but it does if I'm wearing my sunglasses (which have bigger and more curved lenses) and don't have the eyepiece squarely flush with the glasses. It was a bit annoying at first, but I got into the habit of raising my sunglasses onto my head when I was shooting. Now that I'm back in dull and rainy Ireland, I won't have much use for the shades, so it won't be an issue - but if it was happening with my regular glasses, I would find it more of an inconvenience.

I've never encountered this issue on my A77. Also, I much prefer the softer rubber eye-cup on the A77 - the Nex7 one is much harder. I'm hoping it doesn't damage the coatings on my glasses. I wish Sony (or a third party) would make a softer one.

I will say, though, that the Nex7 EVF was a dream to use in very bright sunlight - better than the A77. Although I do prefer the slightly bigger view in the A77, and the fact that you don't get distortion at the edges if your eye isn't perfectly centered. Still, two great cameras that I love using.

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