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Re: imac screen sizes

I would not buy iMac memory from Apple. Instead, get the smallest configuration and then upgrade on your own.

When I upgraded 3 iMacs this past December, I just took out the existing two memory cards from each iMac and replaced them all with four 4GB cards for each iMac... bringing them up to 16GB. At the time, it was cheaper to just replace the existing memory cards with 4GB cards rather than try to preserve the existing memory cards. Last time I looked, 16GB of memory (4X4GB) was well under $100.

As far as HDD, I would get the largest available... or even better, get one with an SSD+HDD. Like others, I am waiting for the '12 iMac to be released before I buy my next (personal) machine. I will get it with the largest combination of SSD+HDD.

One thing to consider, is with Thunderbolt... external storage can be quite fast for the first time. Personally, I would probably go this route rather than open the iMac on my own.

Finally, when the Apple store folks told you they need to open the machine... that is if you want the upgrade to happen in-store. Personally, I would recommend that you order the exact configuration that you want from the Apple Store online. The physical Apple Store is fine when you want the standard configuration... but if you are making changes (other than memory)... I like the config to order options available online.


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