Question for eyeglass wearers using NEX-7 (About the EVF)

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Re: Question for eyeglass wearers using NEX-7 (About the EVF)

Mine cuts out the LCD if my nose gets close, never mind my glasses, so I think its a one off. However, to actually SEE anything, I need to get my eye as close to the viewfinder as possible and get it aligned correctly, as the eyecup area is pretty small.

If I wear contact lenses, however, it is perfect.

rurouni wrote:

I'm a bespectacled photographer I tried out an NEX-7 today (looking around for a new cam to replace my NEX-5) at one of the Sony concept stores.

I wear pretty standard specs, probably around the size of a pair of Ray-ban classics. For some reason, when I was trying to frame my shots using the EVF, the EVF display kept cutting out unless I pressed my glasses right onto the viewfinder, pretty uncomfortable to say the least.

Is this common for the other NEX-7 users out there? Or was the sample I tried at the shop misaligned in some way? In comparison, I tried out a Samsung NX20 and Oly OM-D at another shop and did not need to put my glasses right onto the EVF.

I tried fiddling with the menu as well, but there doesn't seem to be any option for setting the EVF detect sensitivity.

Any advice here would be appreciated, thanks!

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