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Re: Film Scanning

I have no idea about Wex Photo..., since I'm in US (lame excuse, I know). If I were you, I'd keep an eye on for the release date....and I'm fairly sure DPR will likely feature it's release...and I presume they'll likely test it, as well. Plustek is a euro one way or another it will trickle to the vendor near you. If not, you should be able to order it off the net. Besides, you might want to check 'locator' for Plustek vendors...and who normally carry their product.

OK, good luck and I'm hoping to get my hands on one too.


Hi Mark from Plustek here. A couple things....

The OpticFIlm 8xxx series scanners are the same hardware as the OpticFilm 74/7600 scanners. The only difference is SilverFast 8 comes in the box with the 8xxx scanners and you have to download it (free) for the 74/7600 scanners. But that said, the OpticFilm 8xxx scanners should be available in the US in July.

The OpticFilm 120 is a completely new design it has a measured resolution of 5300 dpi and a dynamic range greater than 4. During their integration of SilverFast 8, the guys as LaserSoft Imaging said that the resolution was the closest thing to a drum scanner that they have ever seen. I have looked at the USAF 1951 test scans and they are approaching what the Flextight X1 can do! The OpticFilm 120 should be available globally in the September time frame.

Please feel free to contact me directly (markdruziak at or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Yes we are planning to offer DPReview a test unit when they become available.


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