Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

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Re: Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

Gravter wrote:

Is there anything I should be checking out or aware of when buying a new pro lens?

Just one; is there enough credit on your account:)

This will be my first "new" pro lens. I will be getting the 70-200mm VRII from my local pro camera shop (Vistek).

I have no experience with that shop, and policy differs per country, but in the Netherlands I always buy online due to the fact that remote/online purchase warrants an 8-day return policy. A purchase in a physical store does not have that advantage.

Not that I intend to return items, but it makes it a lot easier should you have an issue like small damage or quality issues.
Something to keep in mind.

I was hesitating between the 85 1.4G and the 70-200 but find that I need more reach.

While the 85-1.4 is a great lens and having the 1.4 can't be replaced, I found that when doing some tests against my 70-200, when fully zoomed in for head-shoulder potraits and at 2.8, the 70-200 's bokeh is amazing and comes very-very close to the 85-1.4.

If I had too choose I'd go for the 70-200 due to it's flexibility, but the 85mm is less intrusive and easier to carry all day.

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