Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

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Re: Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

systemguy wrote:

Has someone tried this lens with the Nikon 2X converter?
If so how is the image quality?

I tested various samples of the TC20III and the TC17II on my 70-200VRII on a D7000.

I ended up with the 17II as I found that TC to give good results wide open and very good stopped down. The 20III lacked contract mostly and needed to be stopped down to f/8 to get good/very good results (about equal to the TC17II at f/8). Having to PP more images wasn't worth the little bit extra range.

Do mind that there seems to be a difference in experiences from reviewers of this combinations that seem to show that a high density sensor (16MP apc-c) is pushing the tc20III too much, where FX users or DX-12mp users get better results due to a more forgiving sensor density.

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