Half of D800 have issues???

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Re: Half of D800 have issues???

Yes, sure, there seems to be a lot of cameras affected but again you can't say most. Unfortunately we just can't. We don't know precisely how many cameras have been made, how many have been returned for repair and, worse, how many cameras have not been properly checked.

Look, a few weeks ago I a friend of mine told me that in one of her workshops none of the 12 students she had knew about the possibility of switching between AF sensors/points. And this was not a beginners workshop. So you can image that there are plenty of people out there that upon receiving their cameras, even an advanced camera such as the D800, don't test it properly. Hell, I never tried the video function on my D300s because I'm not interested in making videos so to me that feature is useless.

My point is that even if there is a problem with the production line of this camera, and I DO think there is (QC issues, etc.), we can't really state that MOST, ALL, etc. are defected. Is it a big number?, probably. Is it normal?, kind of. It takes a long time for the production to get stable. Is it acceptable? Well, to me it is not. It's unacceptable to invest 3K+ on a camera that doesn't delivered as it's supposed to. Again, I understand that some cameras are flawless BUT, many are not

It's also unacceptable that the company hasn't said anything yet. That is the thing that worries me the most because it gives the impression (at least from the consumer's point of view) that the company is not serious about customer care and QC. The least they could do is to come out and say: hey, your holding the camera the wrong way!

In my opinion the AF issues and all the other ones being reported in this and other forums will take some time to dissipate. Personally I think it will take 8-10 months.

In the meantime I'll keep shooting with my D300s.


SkyDreamer wrote:

Statistical analysis can help you. You can apply the F-test to the two samples. Or simply sum the two samples: 12 + 10 specimens = 22 cameras, with 6 defective units ... It's still a lot. I hope this explanation made it clearer.


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